What Do You Use Twitter For?

One of the guest callers on net@nite Live show at Twit.TV shared that he is not using Twitter because typing what he’s currently doing distracts him from the actual work. [Leo and Amber had invited Evan Williams, Twitter founder, for the show.]

Are you also keeping away from Twitter for the same reason ? Read this.

While the main purpose of Twitter is to share the current events in your life with friends (aka followers), there are some other uses of Twitter:

twitter friends1. Reducing Information Overload – A lot of us may have subscribed to breaking news emails / RSS feeds from sites like CNN, BBC, Techmeme, etc.

The good news is that these services are also on Twitter – so you can add them to your buddy list and get direct news updates on your cell phone or Google Talk.

2. Enhance Your Blog Posts – If you develop a decent fan following on Twitter, that will really help you for gathering ideas/resources for the current story you are working on.

Say you type a twit “how do you download Youtube videos” and almost instantly, your fans will message you the various methods / hacks they use for downloading videos. That kind of instant research is not possible with other methods.

And every suggestion from a Twitter friend has a permalink with a timestamp.

3. Contact Busy People – With Twitter, you can send messages directly to people who have also added you as a friend. If your “friend” receives hundreds of email messages everyday, try sending him a message via Twitter instead of email and the chances are high that he/she would read it.

4. Increase Appetite: This is a warning. Twitter can make you feel hungry.

[Amit Agarwal (twitter) also blogs at Digital Inspiration].



  1. […] It was neat, simple and one of the hottest things to hit the web today. Well, over at North America and Europe probably because I’ve yet to see a Pinoy blogger or Asian blogger to use Twitter. Anyways, it was delightful to know that Twitter can be used with most IM clients like Jabber, AIM, and yes GTalk. Strange enough, Yahoo! Messenger is not yet supported, in the future perhaps? […]

  2. […] From a marketing perspective, my initial experience with the service has not been particularly inspiring. Quite honestly, I don’t see Twitter doing anything that hasn’t been done before; it’s just been packaged differently. People have posted defenses of the site, such as Amit Agarwal’s list of things that one can do on Twitter aside from finding out that friends are going to get coffee. Most of the arguments seem to be quite easy to shoot down, such as the idea that Twitter makes contacting busy people easier. Say one of your friends gets so many emails that he or she can’t possibly get through them all. The idea is that a Twitter message will get through to them faster. But how is this quicker and more simple than sending the person a text message, calling them on their phone or sending an IM? […]