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What Do You Use Twitter For?

What Do You Use Twitter For?

One of the guest callers on net@nite Live show at Twit.TV shared that he is not using Twitter because typing what he’s currently doing distracts him from the actual work. [Leo and Amber had invited Evan Williams, Twitter founder, for the show.]

Are you also keeping away from Twitter for the same reason ? Read this.

While the main purpose of Twitter is to share the current events in your life with friends (aka followers), there are some other uses of Twitter:

twitter friends1. Reducing Information Overload – A lot of us may have subscribed to breaking news emails / RSS feeds from sites like CNN, BBC, Techmeme, etc.

The good news is that these services are also on Twitter – so you can add them to your buddy list and get direct news updates on your cell phone or Google Talk.

2. Enhance Your Blog Posts – If you develop a decent fan following on Twitter, that will really help you for gathering ideas/resources for the current story you are working on.

Say you type a twit “how do you download Youtube videos” and almost instantly, your fans will message you the various methods / hacks they use for downloading videos. That kind of instant research is not possible with other methods.

And every suggestion from a Twitter friend has a permalink with a timestamp.

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3. Contact Busy People – With Twitter, you can send messages directly to people who have also added you as a friend. If your “friend” receives hundreds of email messages everyday, try sending him a message via Twitter instead of email and the chances are high that he/she would read it.

4. Increase Appetite: This is a warning. Twitter can make you feel hungry.

[Amit Agarwal (twitter) also blogs at Digital Inspiration].

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