Blogging Against Big Brother In Bangladesh Could Get You Arrested

One of the great things regarding citizen journalism is the fact that ordinary individuals can inform anyone connected to cyberspace about the latest events happening in their part of the world.

Unfortunately it seems that certain governments do not fully appreciate dissenting viewpoints, and apparently in Bangladesh the authorities are out to intimidate these independent voices.

(Global Voices Online) Bangladeshi blogger and journalist Tasneem Khalil has been arrested by the joint forces tonight. One of his colleagues (also a renowned blogger) broke the news requesting anonymity. They are afraid to speak out. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Tasneem Khalil (26) is an editorial assistant of the Daily Star , a popular news daily in Bangladesh. He is also the representative of CNN and Human Rights Watch in Bangladesh. His recent articles concentrated on the extra judicial killings in Bangladesh by the joint forces and other human rights issues.

Currently Bangladesh is under a military style “caretaker government” which gained power after the local politicians were ousted because of accusations of corruption.

After outrage erupted in the blogosphere (and in some cases the media, including the Human Rights Watch) it seems that the Bangladesh government has released Tasneem according to Unheard Voices.

Although this story goes to show the world how the blogs (and media) working together can counter the forces of oppression, it should also remind those in the west that freedom of speech is not yet universal, not to mention how fortunate some of us are to live in nations promoting liberty throughout their societies.

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  1. Hasan says

    In actuality its not about the freedom of speech here in Bangladesh. There are plenty other blogs criticizing current government harshly for its action. None of them were harassed.

    He was released few hours back.


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