Google Improves Blogger: Video Uploading Now Included?

Filed as News on June 14, 2007 1:20 am

Google (or rather Blogger) is releasing a new feature entitled “Blogger in Draft” which allows users to beta test new features before they go live with the general blog*spot population.

The first feature the search engine giant seems to be testing is video uploading, which many bloggers have been requesting ever since Google came out with Google Video (not to mention the billion dollar plus YouTube purchase).

(Blogger In Draft) Today we’re announcing an exciting new feature, video upload, and an exciting new place to use it: Blogger in draft. We’re excited.

You can think of draft as Blogger’s laboratory: it has features that we’re playing around with, trying out, and aren’t ready to “publish” to the main site.

Our first drafted feature is video upload. We’ve added a new button to the post editor that pops up a dialog you can use to upload a video right into your blog post.

(Hat Tip: Blogger Buzz)

Users will be able to record their beautiful faces (or ugly mugs) directly onto Blogger instead of having to prerecord them on YouTube or another video hosting service. Google automatically uploads each video to Google Video and to ease privacy fears promises not to include users video’s in their video search index.

Users of blog*spot can access and test out the new site on in order to check out the latest features being rolled out by Blogger.

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