If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Come Blog By Me

The following is an excerpt from Lorelle’s popular book, Blogging Tips, Tips Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging.

There are a number of bloggers who thrive on the attention of negative energy. They get their thrill by being nasty, whining, and complaining. And people love them.

There is an art to being a nasty blogger. You can’t just rant about an issue. You have to take a side and be clear around the intent of your complaint. The blog post must have a focus and a purpose.

  • Choose one subject and have at it.
  • Choose a side and stay with it.
  • Explore the other side of the issue, but only as justification for your position.
  • Don’t lower your standards into name calling or blame games. Rant with higher standards.
  • Be totally righteous in your opinion.
  • Convince others you are “in the right”.

Lorelle VanFossen blogs about blogging and WordPress on and the , and is the author of Blogging Tips, Tips Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging.

Splashpress Media Acquires Wisdump

Splashpress Media is proud to announce its latest acquisition: Wisdump. The site was founded by 9rules CEO Paul “Scrivs” Scrivens as a personal blog on design, business and the Web, and was based on Scrivs’ Whitespace blog. In May of 2007 Wisdump was acquired by Manchester, England-based online media network maxafi.com, from which Splashpress has acquired the site via bidding at Sitepoint.

Wisdump will be managed by David Krug, who has said in his introductory post that while the voice of the site will be different with this change of ownership, the legacy that its founder and community have established will always be there.

A similar announcement was made on 901am earlier. Disclosure: both 901am and the Blog Herald are owned by Splashpress Media.

Lily Allen may blog less because of tabloid attention

Lily Allen, who has previously published emotional blog entries, has spoken out on her blog about her contempt for the British tabloid press, and at how obsessed they are with her blog.



She writes (I’ve tidied and censored it a little):

“The thing is, i’m not going to write here so often now. This used to be one of my favourite things to do. I could come on here and vent how i feel honestly and get feedback from you guys. But the tabloid f***s have ruined it. Everything i write here gets twisted and rewritten buy a bunch of lazy f***s who haven’t got anything better to write about. And the truth is I don’t want to be in their f***ing stupid magazines and daily f*** rags. In fact I hate it, i don’t want to be a celebrity, I am a singer, I write songs, that’s it. I don’t sleep and take drugs with famous people (I have a boyfriend I’ve been with for nearly 3 years), I don’t go to film premieres. I don’t go shopping in the paparazzi hotspots, so please leave me alone. Write about something interesting, and that actually needs to be talked about.

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Query_Posts and Your Homepage Design

WordPress has a fantastic little loop qualifier. I’ve written on it for the last 2 weeks, and this week I want to go a little deeper, moving more toward the direction of using WordPress as a real content management system using the built in page feature that WordPress added a while back.

Although WP also recently added the ability to use any page as your homepage, most people running a business want a bit more complicated homepage. For instance, I’ve had clients that wanted to have both the content of a page, and the latest 3 blog entries on the homepage. Now, you may want a homepage that is more or less complicated than that, but you can take the principles outlined here and apply them to you own homepage design. [Read more…]

List of hated Internet words includes “Blog”

The Agence France Presse (AFP) reports that blog, netiquette, cookie, and wiki have been voted among the most irritating words spawned by the Internet, according to a poll done by YouGov. On top of the list is folksonomy, a term for web classification system. Blogosphere is second, while the term blog is third, followed by netiquette. Cookie and wiki were also included.

YouGov questioned 2,091 adults earlier this month for the poll commissioned by the Lulu Blooker Prize, a literary award for books.

What Should Bloggers Apologize For and How?

Have you been put in a position to apologize for your blogging? For what you’ve written on your blog?

It’s important to many bloggers to never write anything that will be controversial or put them in a place to apologize for what they’ve published. Yet, many bloggers don’t get the point of the world “publish” when they hit the button and their posts are released to the world for all to see.

The thrill of getting the news out first or getting your thoughts out now seems to be more important than the consequences of your words visible on the screen for all to see and search engines and other services to cache and save forever.

So have you ever published something and then regretted it and had to apologize for your actions?

I believe there are times to apologize and times to not apologize for what you’ve written on your blog. Unfortunately, putting those down on paper is a little more difficult.
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Safely modify your WordPress admin’s CSS and make it futureproof

I’ve written a few posts in the past on Blog Herald, showing how you can make different changes for your WordPress admin by modifying the CSS file for it.

Being able to modify the CSS file to make quick design changes to your WordPress admin is very useful indeed, but the problem is when you upgrade your version of WordPress, the wp-admin.css file is replaced with the newer version because it’s not considered a file that should be modified by users.

Here’s where a new plugin that I came across comes in. It’s called the WordPress admin themer plugin, and what it does is simple. It allows you to create a separate wp-admin.css file that does not require modifying the default wp-admin.css file.

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BlogHer 2007 conference expands into Second Life

This year, the BlogHer conference will take place both in the real world, in Chicago from July 27-29, and virtually, in Second Life, from July 27-28.

BlogHer Second Life will offer the opportunity to experience the Chicago conference live on a virtual platform, complete with general sessions, audio feeds, and even a virtual cocktail party! Similar to BlogHer ’07 in Chicago, the BlogHer Second Life virtual conference will feature an interactive format designed to inspire discussion.

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WordPress WordCamp 2007 Schedule

is July 21-22 in San Fransisco, California, and registration is required with tickets $25 USD through PayPal. Space is limited and will fill fast!

The WordCamp Schedule includes:

This is an amazing schedule of whose who in WordPress and blogging. Are you going to be there?

Six Apart offer two feature packs for business bloggers

Six Apart has announced the launch of two add-on feature packs for Movable Type 4 aimed specifically at business bloggers.

The “Enterprise Solution” pack lets customers use Oracle and Microsoft enterprise databases rather than being confined to the standard MySQL and Postgres databases supported by MT4.

The “Community Solution” pack allows the blog to be synchronised with LDAP user directories, allowing permission-based rules to be applied to blog access.

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