Nokia N95 mobile phone gets WordPress publishing application

Today sees the launch of a new blogging application for the Nokia N95 mobile phone. Developed by Telewaving, Wavelog is a native Symbian C++ application which will allow users to post to both and self-hosted WordPress blogs.

It’s able to upload text, images, audio, and video over any network connection. Alternatively, it can store pages ready for publication when a network signal isn’t available.

There’s not much more information about the software at present, but a free trial is available to download, with a license costing US$10, so it’s not likely to break the bank.

Product page

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  1. Matsu says

    I’ve tried for free but only posting text and having the look and feel for the rest. Than I paid 10$ for the license and now I’m posting photos, mp3 and mp4 to my own blog.

  2. Ronin says

    Thanks for the excellent article, just wanted to add some recent news for fellow Internet journalists, Wavelog is able to post text, audio, photos and videos to Joomla or Drupal powered Web sites. With the support for this two free open source content management systems it becomes a great choice for journalists over expensive proprietary solutions.
    Thanks Telewaving and open source community.

  3. says

    This app greatly helped my problem of my n95 crashing when logging in to veiw my blog though my phones inbuilt browser. Thanks again for the heads up.

  4. says

    Well, there seems to be a lot of applications like word press, that could be supported by Nokia n95, that really great..If i had one, i would have certainly start blogging mu own website on this cool gadget.


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