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BloggingTips takes a look at a new advertising marketplace called

The new site, currently in a private beta and not yet open to the public, allows publishers and advertisers to buy and sell ads in a private marketplace. The site takes 25% for themselves as a commission on any ads sold – which is lower than alot of commissioned sales sites.

Here’s a look from BloggingTips’s review:

BuySellAds is not doing anything that hasn’t done before. Advertising marketplaces have been around for years however in my opinion BuySellAds has got everything right. The marketplace is very easy to browse and website ad pages have information on the sites Alexa traffic, Compete score, Google PageRank, Technorati links, Yahoo inbound links and number of bookmarks.

I’ve applied for their private beta and will hopefully have more to report soon…


  1. says

    Thanks for the recommendation. The site looks pretty good, but it seems that their private Beta has been going on for a LONG time. I signed up for the beta myself . . .

    If you’ve got any recommendations on other ad marketplaces, please share (I’d love an email if you have a sec too!).

    Thanks, Josh

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