Why Doesn’t Retweet.com Use Its Own URL Shortener?

retweetcom.jpgEver since digging slightly around the retweet.com debacle I discovered the rt.nu URL Shortener. A great domain and most of all a really short URL. Perfect for Twitter you would think. So why doesn’t Retweet.com use its own shorturl service? Nothing more than a quick look at the service’s popular links is needed to understand why.

Retweet.com Shorturl service rt.nu

‘Slightly’ spammy to say the least (click the image for full-size view). So much for a really buggy (and rather slow) copycat service.

retweet.com's rather buggy

If this is what to expect from Mesiab Labs there is no competition for Tweetmeme yet.


  1. jason says

    haha all the URL shortners get spam! bit.ly reported that they get over 2 million spam links a day!!! Didnt retweet.com launch yesterday in BETA?

    How many sites release fully featured in BETA? Its craziness to see all the people trying to rip retweet.com to pieces when the site barely came out haha.. give me a break

  2. says

    I most certainly won’t be using Retweet.com, nor will I dignify the service with a mention on my blog.

    Not only is it a copycat service that doesn’t really add much to the original concept, the founder comes off as a jerk to me. The whole “real retweet button” nonsense is very unprofessional.

  3. says

    @Jason, don’t new sites/platforms get 10′ time to prove they are better or they will be forgotten again nowadays?

    @Cheetah, sure it was a biased approach. We have covered Retweet very often over the last week and Mesiab Labs has certainly managed to create some hype. I expected a much better platform and service because they claim to be the ‘real retweet button’ like @redwall_hp mentioned.

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