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Is Blogging Dead? Keep Your Content Relevant in 2023

Is Blogging Dead? Keep Your Content Relevant in 2023

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It can be extremely overwhelming to constantly keep up with the ever-changing trends across the world. On social media in particular, it is almost impossible to stay on top of one trend without falling behind on the next. Think of TikTok over the last year it has gone from learning a new dance every few days, to buying the latest fashion must-have, to using the most popular sound, and so on. Even those that have social media as a paid full-time job can have trouble staying ahead. As a writer, you may feel that way too, but is blogging dead? 

If you feel like your blogging isn’t relevant anymore, here are a few tips and tricks to keep it feeling alive. 

Word Count

Staying within a specific world count will help your readers stay engaged and feel fulfilled. The happy medium of 500-1500 words will do just that for your readers. Of course, it does depend on the type of blog you run and how long your typical niche runs. You don’t want to be vastly different from others in your field, but it is healthy to push the envelope and stand out from the crowd. 

Stay in the Know

Do your research! Most times people ask if blogging is dead because they see posts that are no longer relevant. Though it’s typically the hardest part of the job, staying on top of trends and popular topics is a must for blogging and creating any customer-facing content. After all, if the customers will not relate to it, there is no need to create it.   


While trends themselves are important to keep track of, your readers should be even higher on the importance scale. Your blog would be nowhere as fulfilling without your regulars that constantly support each and every post. Engaging in comment sections with them, or even commenting on their blogs if they have one and you are mutual supporters. This does not have to stop on your website, try engaging through social media. This not only will make you happier as the writer, but it will make your readers feel a sense of belonging. That is the reason they most likely were drawn to your blog from the beginning. 

Add Images, Graphics, and Videos

Along with keeping the customers on your blog, you will need to keep their eyes engaged as well. Getting them there is the easy part, keeping them there is the hard part. It is a good idea to involve multiple points for the eye to catch on a page. If they are only looking at words while scrolling down a page, they are more likely to get bored, as humans typically have short attention spans. If you break up your words with a photo or video, the eyes have a brief break and you have regained their attention for a bit more. 

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Old School Peer Review

A good old-fashioned peer review is a tried and true way to maintain quality work. Having a peer who is an expert in your field, or a mentor read over your blog can be a great way to see where you are. This should be someone you trust to give you honest feedback, and you should be open to receiving that feedback. After all, this is about growth and finding a path for your blog to maintain relevance. 


Keeping up with the times will never go out of style. So, is blogging dead? After reading this blog, you know of several tips to stay on top of all the right trends to keep your own blog alive and well.

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