Tumblr Topples Typepad

Today is a sad day for Six Apart, who was unable to slow down Tumblr’s rise against Typepad, despite copying the former’s reblogging feature in 2009.

According to Quantcast, Tumblr is now receiving 10.7 million uniques when compared against Typepad’s 10.6 million stateside, although the gap between the two services expands once you include international users.

Currently Compete.com disputes Quantcast claims (their analysis shows that Typepad receives more traffic in the US than the nimble micro blogging site), although Compete does show that Typepad is slowly waning while Tumblr’s traffic continues to soar year after year.

Typepad’s waning popularity could have more to do with economics than features, as Tumblr’s freemium model is probably much more appealing to users than Typepad’s premium service (especially when one considers the recession the world is in).

Regardless of which number you use, Typepad’s fall from grace (at Tumblr’s expense nonetheless) will probably motivate other blog platforms to follow WordPress’s lead and mimic the micro blogging site.

Although it still isn’t too late for Six Apart to revamp Typepad and reclaim the bronze (as currently WordPress and Blogger hold the silver and gold, respectively), the company may want to redouble their efforts on making Typepad more appealing (perhaps by dropping the price?), as falling into irrelevancy could ultimately hurt their bottom line.

Update: Image changed to be more suitable to the public.


  1. Jack Barnhill says

    Why do you have to use racial slurs in your post? “Half-breed” is just as derogatory as “nigger” and there is no need for either word.

    The post doesn’t even come close to why Tumblr would be considered a “half-breed” or why it deserves such an insult. The word is just used as an insult. I would hope intelligent people could find a better way to express themselves.

    • says

      Being black I have yet to hear of the phrase “half-breed” applied as a racial slur, although I have heard it used for animals (dogs mainly, but horses as well).

      Tumblr is considered a cross between a full fledge blog & Twitter, although ironically you can do both with the platform. It’s half way between the two (hence the term).

      If that image offends you that much, reply back and I’ll change the picture. The last thing I want is an image distracting from the article.

  2. Jack Barnhill says

    Just from the way that you used the term, you did understand the derogatory nature of it.

    I don’t know of the origin of the term but it certainly goes back to when it was used as a slur directed toward the offspring of an inter-racial union between an American Indian, Mexican or Black and a Caucasian. Used as an insult to indicate that such a person was somehow worthless or, at least, worth less that a person of either pure race.

    With so many inter-racial marriages nowadays, it is used less often but, it is still a racially-based slur.

  3. Jack Barnhill says

    Not to belabor the point but to further the enlightenment:

    from Dictionary.com
       ”/ˈhæfˌbrid, ˈhɑf-/ Show Spelled [haf-breed, hahf-] Show IPA Often Disparaging and Offensive .”

    from Wikipedia.org
    “The term is considered an impolite and rude offensive slur by almost everyone.”

  4. says

    You win Jack! ;-)

    I changed the image to make it more suitable. I guess you are right about how it must be used less often as a slur, as interacial dating is pretty much not given a second thought nowadays, at least in the US (well, throughout most of it at least).

    Thanks for the heads up! :-)

  5. Jack Barnhill says

    Thanks for changing the graphic. Now, if we can, we could delete these comments and forget the whole thing.

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