Twitter Is Finally Moving Into Their Own Custom Built Data Center

Twitter Data CenterSick and tired of those stupid Twitter whales telling you the system is overloaded? So it Twitter! and their finally doing something about it, moving their business into a custom built data center with plenty of space for scaling their systems as needed.

Twitter has essentially had problems with their system since the first day of use with constant downtimes and slow-downs in their system as the company has grown from an experiment in micro-blogging to a site with upwards of 4,000 tweets per second coming in during major events such as the World Cup.

To put their growth into context, the site receives nearly 300,000 users each day.

According to ReadWriteWeb, Twitter engineer Jean-Paul Cozzatti said of the move:

“We frequently compare the tasks of scaling, maintaining, and tweaking Twitter to building a rocket in mid-flight.”

He added that the new custom built Twitter data center will offer the following advantages:

  • More capacity to deal with growth
  • Full control over network and systems configuration
  • Flexibility to make infrastructure changes
  • High redundancy

Thanks Twitter team, it’s about time!


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