Facebook Status Updates Used By Burglars To Target Victims

Facebook Status Update Burglars

This isn’t the first warning about what should and shouldn’t be posted on Facebook, but I find it important to remind Facebook users from time to time that leaving information about what you’re doing as “public status updates” can be dangerous on the social network.

Police in the town of Nashua, N.H. are reporting that 50 homes were targeted in August by a group of criminals who would check the social networking site to find out when people would be away from home, they would then target those homes at specific times.

During their raid on the burglars homes police found a collection of stolen items valued between $100,000 to $200,000, items which included everything from remote-controlled cars all the way to live ammunition and various pieces of jewelry and electronics.

According to WMUR-TV, Maria Rojas, Victor Rodriguez and Leonardo Barroso were all arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into the Facebook theft ring, an investigation that expects to arrest even more social network savvy criminals.

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