Twitter Now Third Largest Social Network, Announces Promoted Accounts

Twitter LogoOn Tuesday Twitter COO Dick Costola, speaking at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mixx Conference in New York City, announced that Twitter has surpassed MySpace in terms of unique users, while also announceing Twitter’s new “promoted accounts” feature.

Using Promoted Accounts companies can suggest that users automatically follow brands with similar interests to their own.

The program works by giving advertisers the ability to add their paid accounts to users “Who To Follow” suggestion list. Just like the companies “Promoted Tweets” feature, the suggestions would be based on a users Twitter activity and their preference settings.

The “Promoted Accounts” option also marks the end of Twitter Earlybird offers, which never really took off as planned.

In terms of user size, Twitter has announced more than 160 million users, with 370,000 more individuals signing up each day.

Twitter says 96 million unique visitors accessed their portal in August, that number is compared to 95 million uniques for MySpace and is an increase of 76 percent over Twitter numbers in 2009.

What do you think about the “Promoted Accounts” feature, I already ignore Promoted Tweets, I assume I’ll do the same for Promoted Accounts.

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