Yahoo! Killing Off Delicious, Buzz And MyBlogLog?

The blogosphere is a buzz (pun not intended) over the rumored shut down of Delicious, as well as other services such as MyBlogLog and Yahoo! Buzz.

Upon Twitter Andy Baio (@waxpancake) was able to obtain a corporate slide highlighting what appears to be Yahoo!’s intentions of shutting down various services while merging others.

According to Daring Fireball the entire Delicious team was fired, although it is unknown as to whether engineers of MyBlogLog or Yahoo! Buzz have met a similar fate.

Yahoo! apparently is removing services that the company sees as a drain (financially speaking) and is instead focusing efforts upon services based upon how much revenue they are generating for the company.

Believe it or not Yahoo! use to be the center of attention in the blogosphere years ago, with only Google’s search engine taking a more prominent role (do to the latter’s dominance).

Thankfully Flickr (a service this author uses) didn’t make the chopping block, although hopefully someone will consider buying the photo social network before Yahoo! decides to shut them down too.

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