Posterous: Email Blogging In Hostile Nations Can Save Your Political Life

Known mostly for their email everything approach when it comes to blogging, Posterous has published some excellent advice for bloggers living in a hostile country.

With Twitter and Facebook now shut down in Egypt to quell government protests, email is the only reliable sharing platform left.

Same story in China.  If you’re living or traveling there, email posting via Posterous Sites or Groups is the only way to get videos and photos to your Posterous site and reposted to Twitter and Facebook. (Official Posterous Blog)

For bloggers traveling through (or even residing in) a hostile nation, establishing a Posterous account might be something to consider as you can use the platform to auto post upon numerous platforms (which is useful if your government decides to DDoS your blog).

For those of you who prefer other platforms like Blogger,, or Tumblr, you can configure your blog for email posting which will allow you to easily publish text as well as images (note: with the latter two you can also post videos as well).

Self hosting WordPress fans can install the Post Via Email plugin to achieve something similar, although if anyone knows any other plugins (that are up to date) feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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