Google Mobile Search Now Has Filtering Options For Mobile Places Results

Google Mobile Search

Google search users partaking in the company’s iPhone and Android apps now have the option to arrange business results by star rating, distance and only businesses that are open at the time of the search (great for that late night snack).

Users can choose to use a variety of filter results, for example you could find a 4 star restaurant that’s open at 10pm in Chicago.

Along with the mobile search filtering results users can also check out images, while bigger map view buttons have been added and users can use one click button pushing to call a business right from the results.

The feature is live and you can try it out for yourself by going to from your iPhone or Android device and then clicking on the “Places” link right at the top of the page.

If you’re on an Android device you can also use the feature directly from Google Maps.

Typically we wouldn’t report on Google search results at BlogHerald (although it does include Places which is of course social), however the ability to rate items and then search for them directly from your area with a better filtering technology does truly add a feel of social relevance to each item and will hopefully get more users to review their experiences at various businesses, creating a truly social location based experience.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

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