MyPermissions Shows Which Developers Have Access To Social Profiles, Offers Management

These days it’s easy to give dozens, even hundreds of developers access to your social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…). Those developers typically use that data to post information with your permission, pull your feeds for use on other accounts and for various other reasons.

While most developer uses won’t hurt your social media standing it’s still a good idea to manage those accounts. For that specific purpose the MyPermissions program was created.

The program was created by Avi Charkham when he became frustrated having to search eight different app pages for his numerous social media accounts. 

Charkham tells Mashable:

“I kept connecting to services, and one day I was looking for the list to remove some of them,” and “I found that Facebook hid them behind four or five links…and thought to myself, ‘There’s no way people can find this.’ Two clicks I could live with, but four or five made it clear they were hiding it.”

Found at the account works by having users log into their various accounts and then click on each social network they would like to check. The program also helps users by setting monthly reminders to review app permissions.

MyPermissions App

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