Instagram Co-Founders Girlfriend Announces Lovestagram Application For Valentine’s Day

Filed as News on February 9, 2012 2:42 pm

Instagram Valentines Day

While many of us purchase Valentine’s day cards for our significant others and perhaps a nice bouquet of flowers Kaitlyn Trigger decided to give her boyfriend a much bigger and involved present, a brand new photo sharing platform.

Kaitlyn’s Lovestagram program is so thoughtful because her boyfriend is Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger and it’s his platform she chose to use when creating Lovestagram.

The program is essentially an interactive Valentine’s card maker that implements the Instagram API to create Valentine’s Day cards.

The program works by creating a slideshow of all Instagram photos you share with your special someone by using mutual username tags, photos you took in the same location within one hour of each other and photos where comments have been exchanged. 

Using the program couldn’t be any easier you just sign in to your Instagram account and enter the username of your significant other.

You also don’t have to be dating someone as the program currently works with any username and the platform may soon expand to include cards for other occasions.

What might be most impressive is the fact that the programs creator didn’t want to ask her coding pro boyfriend for help so starting in the Fall 2011 she learned to program in Python, Django, Jinja, HTML, CSS, jQuery and to use Photoshop.


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