Torch Browser Delivers Social Media Sharing With A Healthy Dash Of Multimedia Control

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Torch Browser

My biggest complaint about most browsers on the market today is the simple fact that they offer a ton of bells and whistles yet they fail to offer basic features that most users actually use. Sure you can download Firefox and Google Chrome add-ons but that involves choosing a program that may or may not be up to bar. Needless to say I was happy when I discovered the Torch Browser, an application that allows me surf the web while also taking care of all my social media, multimedia and torrent needs.

As a tech writer I mostly use the internet to find new programs, share cool tech stories with friends and of course download a ton of files. The Torch Browser in its most basic sense is a standard browser, just like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others. The big difference is that the browser also integrates useful multimedia and social media features.


Social link sharing has never been more popular and with the Torch Browser users can easily share their favorite photos, web destinations and other files. When the heart shaped “Share” button is pressed at the top of the browser a pop-up box appears with the option to connect locally to Facebook and Twitter. Users simply type a message and click share to post their messages.

You must authorize Torch Browser to access your Facebook and Twitter accounts upon first use but after that point it is extremely simple to stay connected and share tons of content.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you were viewing a video or listening to a song and you realized you HAD to have that file? With the Torch Web Browser you now have the option to click a single multimedia button to grab that content. The button which reads “media” when there is nothing to download quickly changed to “video” or “music” when it has found a file it can grab.

If you plan on taking a trip and you want offline videos to watch this is a great option. If you simply want to create a music video playlist from YouTube the Torch Browser is also a handy piece of technology.


The Torch Browser offers the ability to download Torrent files directly from inside the browser. Simple find the torrent you want, click the torrent button to turn on the program and you are ready to go. The torrent program is very capable, featuring popular features such as downloading, seeding and pausing alongside a file que and other standardized program.

Torch also promises to deliver a speed increasing element for downloads, ensuring better performance for the many multimedia files you are sure to grab when using this program.


The Torch Web Browser is built on a lightweight framework that offers what appears to be decent security. If you like to browse the web while grabbing various files this might be the perfect browser for your arsenal of web applications.

Overall I have been pleased with the Torch Browser and I only hope it continues to grow so more social sharing features can be experienced and more files can be grabbed.


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