James Blunt Retires, Twitter Goes Crazy With Hilarious Tweets

James Blunt Twitter Retirement Jokes

Singer James Blunt announced on Monday that he was retiring from the music business and his announcement was met with hilarious Twitter messages.

Despite the singers massive number of sales (18 million albums), his five Grammy nominations and even two Brit Awards he apparently can’t get any respect.

Comments range from “James Blunt has announced that he is quitting the music industry. The US Army will have to come up with a new way of torturing POWs now” to “Good news, Jeremy Hunt! Warbler James Blunt has quit music, giving you a de-facto monopoly in the right-wing-dickhead-rhyming-slang market.”

Here are a few more tweet regarding the James Blunt retirement announcement:


Honestly it is really hard not to make fun of James Blunt’s retirement when he says such things as “I’ve spent a lot of time in Ibiza, where I have a villa,” and “I had a great time hanging out with friends on my yacht but we partied as well.”

Do you think James Blunt retiring is “beautiful” news.


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