iMessaging Dominates Carrier Text Messages, Users Send 300 Billion Texts In 12 Months

iMessage SystemUsers may be flocking to Facebook’s mobile app but when it comes to chatting over smartphones Apple’s iMessaging is dominating the market for direct to user messages.

Research firm Ovum estimated in a recent report that over the last year iMessaging has been responsible for 300 billion text messages over the 12 months since its launch.

If those numbers are correct that could mean a loss of $13.9 billion in carrier SMS revenue.

Ovum did not explain if the revenue loss is based on SMS rates outside of a monthly plan or if they include an estimated per month subscriber cost.

At current rates Apple iMessage users are sending 28,000 iMessage text messages per second.

As mobile carriers realize a direct loss of text messaging revenue many have began to draw consumer focus more towards mobile data in place of depleting text messaging systems.

The move away from text message forced Verizon Wireless to finally ditch its unlimited data plans in order to earn more money from heavy mobile data users.

Companies such as AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless have created “data share” plans that typically throw in text message with scale friendly data packages.


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