Is Google+ Part of Your Blogging Strategy?

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Google+ is one of the newest social media networks that has grown into millions of members. It allows you to integrate with Google services, which give you the ability to promote your content and other links, as well as to gain visibility with other Google products. Many bloggers do not realize the importance that Google+ may have been promoting their content. Google plus is no longer an optional network that people can decide to participate in when it comes to social media promotion.


Google authorship is one of the biggest reasons why bloggers need to make sure that they have an active Google+ profile. Google authorship influences how a bloggers work and name appears in search results:

google authorship

This feature is a profile box that appears on the right-hand side of search results during searches that involve the blogger’s name or works. It includes contact information about the blogger, as well as a photo and recent post that they have published on Google+. Setting up authorship both for yourself and on your site not only gives the bloggers that right on your site more visibility, it also can influence the way that your blog is shown in the search results.

Promotion With Hashtags

Google also allows bloggers to include hashtags for important topics in their updates. This is a great way to get more visibility for your post. Be sure to include hashtags for important keywords in your post. In addition Google plus also doesn’t except keywords that aren’t actual topics. For example, it would let you use #blogging, but not necessarily #thebestblogging.

Network Building

Google+ is also great for building networks, as it utilizes both your existing Gmail contacts and other people that are in related networks that you may know or be interested to follow. This is a great way to build up your network, adding more people to specific circles where you can promote your content. Google+ is a good balance between LinkedIn and Facebook, via the fact that it is used by many professionals, but it also has a personal look and feel.

Possible SEO Influence

Even though it hasn’t been confirmed specifically by Google, many marketers feel that Google+ will eventually have a bigger influence in the way Google determined search results via its algorithm.

Before these factors really make a difference, it is important to get involved in Google+ before it is too late and you’re off their presence and blogs are behind the curve when it comes to visibility on Google+ and the search engine itself.

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