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What to Do When Faced with the Thought: “I Don’t Know What to Do with My Life”

What to Do When Faced with the Thought: “I Don’t Know What to Do with My Life”

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If you have ever had the overwhelming sense of “I don’t know what to do with my life”, then this blog is for you. When you are not sure what to do next with your life, or you have come to a fork in the road, you have some options.

Finding your purpose

It is not always an easy question to ask yourself, and you may not know the answer. In fact, it is more probable than not that you will not know the answer to that question. The goal in finding your purpose is finding things you truly love to do, and things that bring you joy, rather than doing things you feel like you have to do. After all, there is a difference between living to work and working to live. This can easily include day-to-day activities and not just your typical 9-5 job.

Weekend Getaway

Spend some time alone, or with some friends on a weekend retreat. Sometimes what you need most is a change of scenery. This change does not have to be permanent, in fact, a long weekend may just do the trick. Spending time alone with your thoughts, a journal, and maybe a book to read might clear your mind. If being alone is not your thing, you may choose to grab your group of friends and escape to an Airbnb™ in a mountain town across the state.

Learn a new hobby

Learning a new hobby can be the ticket to your personal reset. At the beginning of the pandemic, when confined to their homes, people began to do a bit of self-reflection. Those reflections turned into many people around the country finding something new about themselves, whether that be a new hobby because they were bored, or a new skill that they have taught themselves to do via trial and effort, and a few YouTube videos.

A few new hobbies to try:

  1. Knitting
  2. Reading
  3. Woodworking
  4. Painting

Write down your feelings

Although in many cases it can be easier said than done, writing out your feelings can help to process them in a way that your mind and body understand. Sometimes you may not have the words to express your feelings about a specific time in your life, or a situation that has gotten you to the point where you are unsure where to go next. Beginning to write will give you the opportunity to find those words, even if they do not come right away. You may even begin to access yourself and find your strengths and weaknesses.

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Start Therapy

The stigma around mental health has gotten much better over the years, but there is still a great deal left to overcome with the thoughts immediately surrounding therapy. You do not have to be a danger to yourself or others,  or “sick” to see a therapist. Mental health means being healthy all the time in your mind, not only when you are not feeling great or have a bad day. It means being able to withstand the hard days and weeks at work, the busy season of life, and the happiest of times all at the same time.

Therapy is also about simply having someone to talk to. Maybe you are in a season of life where it is hard to find time to have the long conversations with your best friend that you have become so accustomed to throughout the years. Different seasons of life produce different emotions and feelings for different people, and that is perfectly okay. It is encouraged, even. All the more reason to have a chat with someone.

Wrap Up

You may not know what is coming next in life, but as you can see from this blog, getting started with a new hobby, taking a weekend getaway, or getting set up with a new therapist can be the start of an amazing new journey in your life. You will never know exactly what is coming next in life, and that is half the fun.

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