BlogCatalog wants you to pay to boost traffic

BlogCatalog announced that it has created a paid results product for bloggers to boost traffic. The new system provides bloggers with the ability to pay for premium spots in BlogCatalog’s category search results.

“For bloggers and website owners, traffic is the life-blood of their online existence,” says Tony Berkman director of BlogCatalog’s future vision group. “Because it isn’t always easy for blogs to get traffic, BlogCatalog’s mission is to drive quality, volume traffic to our subscribers. In order to get quality traffic, though, we clearly get that BlogCatalog has to serve up highly relevant search results. The formula is simple. The more relevant the results, the more traffic we can drive to bloggers.” [Read more…]

WeblogMatrix blog comparison site launched

German IT company CosmoCode have just released WeblogMatrix, a blog platform comparison website. It’s an open system allowing visitors to compare the main features of some of the most well-known blog services and software.

There are currently ten platforms on the system: b2evolution, Blogger, ExpressionEngine, FlatPress, Jlog, Movable Type, PSG, Serendipity, Wheatblog, and WordPress. From that list I’m sure you can spot a few notable omissions (as well as plenty of more obscure ones) which is why they’re asking for volunteers to help maintain the system.

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Bloggy Network Sells Blog Directories

The Bloggy Network* has recently put three of the more established blog and RSS directories on the market, namely Blog Catalog, Eatonweb Portal, and 2RSS.

Within 24 hours of the Blog Catalog being listed on sitepoint (related news on Blogging Pro), the blog directory sold for its BIN price of US$40,000. 2RSS, meanwhile, sold for its BIN of US$ 7,000, while the BIN offer for Eatonweb as of this writing is currently US$ 10,000.

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