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British blogger launches FuelMyBlog online community

British blogger launches FuelMyBlog online community

Not another online community, you cry? Yes, this time it’s FuelMyBlog, a community for bloggers that’s so new it doesn’t even have a fully set up user account system yet. How cutting edge is that (or is that just ‘unfinished’?)

Kevin Dixie, based in London and La Rochelle, France, has created the blogging community to allow bloggers to publicise their own blogs for free, and have visitors vote for them.

Kevin Dixie says: “I came up with the idea after writing my own blog and wanted to find a site that brought bloggers together and enabled easy reading within a couple of clicks. I always thought of blogs as just online diaries and never realised there was so much good creative content in the blogosphere. Re-launch feedback has been very positive and we have been very encouraged by the buzz generated in the blogosphere.”

According to their latest press release, the site is getting over 100,000 hits a day, and has 2,000 registered users.

It includes features such as “Blog of the day” based on visitor votes (reset every day at midnight), widgets (of course, every Web 2.0 site needs widgets), and an overall hall of fame.

It’s a new service, and as with anything new, it could either gain momentum through interest, or could flop horribly. Still, it costs nothing to get involved and there might be a decent share of the traffic to be had whilst it’s still relatively small. Technorati it isn’t, but everyone has to start somewhere.

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The interface is still a bit clunky for my liking (I dislike the floating information box intensely, as on my browser it flickers and judders and doesn’t seem to want to stay still for very long), and the categories are extremely broad at present, but I’m prepared to give it some time to settle down, and evolve as more people add their blogs.


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  • Absolutely. I hope my ‘review’ doesn’t make me seem negative towards the project. I’m keen to see projects like this develop and thrive, particularly ones sourced from the UK.

    I’m sure the things I found a bit offputting will be ironed out in time.

  • Firstly, thanks Liz, you were so helpful on that first day back then, truely appreciate everything.

    Andy, I like the review. I think it is honest and that is what we need, are the hover-overs really that bad, you are not the first to dislike them, we’ll need to get our thinking hats on over the weekend. This is the beauty of web 2.0 I guess, we can change and tweak at will! I’d appreciate a mail or a twitter chat for more opinions!!


  • Hi Kevin,

    The hovers aren’t appalling, but I think they could be smoother. On my system they judder and flicker a bit, particularly when the site first loads. I understand their purpose, but maybe they shouldn’t follow you around quite so much.

    It is a great concept though, and once I have some images worked out, I’ll be signing up a site or two.

  • Andy,

    I agree re. the juddering, I will get this fixed early next week.

    I look forward to seeing the blogs, We have to read all before going live, too much spam and porn out there!!


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