Colleen and Rachel on Cocktails and Hard Alcohol

Drinks After Dark is a booze-focused new blog in the b5media blog network, with b5 veteran Rachel Segal and recently interviewed (both here and on BloggerTalks) Colleen Coplick behind the keyboard. The latter says:

I have a deeply ingrained love of cocktails, and even the culture surrounding them. The method in which to properly drink absinthe for example. The fact that tequila is not just for shots.

…while the former describes the blog like this:

  • What’s a good wine choice for a picnic?
  • Can you really tell the difference between a Vodka Redbull and a Vodka Rockstar?
  • How many carbombs are too many when out with your coworkers?

1. Almost any Chardonnay.
2. Yes, but why would you want to?
3. Don’t blow up cars.

Good luck with the new blog!

Chitika and b5media Announce Premium Ads Partnership

Chitika’s Premium Ads offering will be available across the whole b5media network, being “over 350 hight quality websites and blogs” according to the press release. Naturally, both parties are happy with the partnership deal.

Having already proven to deliver a significant boost in overall revenue for untargeted ad placements, the Premium Ads program is being adopted throughout the b5media network. “We found Chitika’s Premium Ads relevancy coupled with the high CPM yield to be uniquely suited for our entire network” says Jeremy Wright, CEO b5media. “The most interesting aspect of Chitika’s new Premium ad program is that the ads will only show up when there is a targeted and relevant offer to the user, which in turn helps deliver higher ad revenue for us.”

Only showing relevant ads is a good thing, in my book.

Sarah Perez: “The B-List is the new A-List”

Sarah Perez, founder of the Grand Effect blog network, have a lot to say in an interview with BloggerTalks (edited and published by me, full disclosure). Among other things this about pulling together a select few talented tech bloggers in the network:

Some may can them “B-List” bloggers, but I think the B-List is the new A-List! As smaller blogs, none of them could compete on an individual basis with larger sites, but by combining all our talents, traffic numbers, and subscribers, we have something to offer to advertisers who want to reach this niche audience.

For more on this, check out the interview with Sarah over at BloggerTalks.

Fire Bad Bloggers

David Peralty has written an interesting post about weeding about bad staff over at xfep.

A key quote:

Not everyone is committed to being an amazing blogger, and I understand more than most how hard it is to not only write content, but also promote it, and actively communicate with those in your niche, both on and off your blog, but as blog networks try to grow their business, they really need to make sure they have the right staff, or they will only be ruining their company in the long run.

Amen brother – amen.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some highly gifted bloggers – but I’ve also been unfortunate to work with some really crappy bloggers too. David is right in saying that some folks just don’t want to put in the effort that it takes to do it right – or they simply don’t care – or they just don’t have it.

And those folks need to be fired – quickly – before they become a detriment to your blog or blog network.

Grrl TV Blogs About TV Shows with Strong Women

Chandra Williams is editing Grrl TV, the latest b5media blog, which describes itself like this:

Grrl TV – A look at some of the best women-centric shows on television – from Sex and the City to Lipstick Jungle

The b5media blog launch post says it like this: is all about the fabulous women holding strong roles on television, in everything from Army Wives to Lipstick Jungle to some new shows such as Fringe coming this fall.

OK, so the blog is all about TV shows with strong female characters. A blog focused on TV shows mostly enjoyed by women then. Alright, what’s next, a blog writing about the suckish action TV shows geared at teenage boys? Personally, I think a good TV show works for both genders, but maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, check it out.

Grand Effect Grows, But Not Much Longer

Sarah Perez’ blog network, Grand Effect, have added three more blogs to the fray, and these might be the last ones since the goal isn’t to build a big network. It might not be the final addition to the network though, former Splashpress employee David Peralty hints that they’re saving a spot.

Anyway, the additions are:

Congratulations to all new additions. Now it’ll be interesting to see if Grand Effect can score some nice advertising deals, which is one of the reasons to its existence.