Blogging SEO Tips (and pitfalls)


This is a guest post from Eric Gesinski who works for Tulsa Marketing Online doing Tulsa Web design and Tulsa SEO.

Blog SEO Tips and Tricks Writing a blog is a major part of internet marketing. Writing one that helps a site’s SEO and traffic generation is a little bit trickier. Here are some blog SEO tips and tricks to increase both.

Core SEO Elements
When writing any blog entry, getting organic traffic requires good old fashioned SEO 101. This means writing proper title tags, description tags, and doing proper keyword research. Make sure whatever topic you pick, choose unique keywords to put into your title tag. Build the description tag in your post to target people who would want to read the material you are posting. And make sure you keep it all consistent and related – having a hot keyword-laden title tag that isn’t closely related to what your content is talking about will only make your readers mad. And if you happen to be using WordPress to write your blog, having a plugin such as the All in One SEO Pack can definitely help with these elements. [Read more…]