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Blogging SEO Tips (and pitfalls)

Blogging SEO Tips (and pitfalls)

This is a guest post from Eric Gesinski who works for Tulsa Marketing Online doing Tulsa Web design and Tulsa SEO.

Blog SEO Tips and Tricks Writing a blog is a major part of internet marketing. Writing one that helps a site’s SEO and traffic generation is a little bit trickier. Here are some blog SEO tips and tricks to increase both.

Core SEO Elements
When writing any blog entry, getting organic traffic requires good old fashioned SEO 101. This means writing proper title tags, description tags, and doing proper keyword research. Make sure whatever topic you pick, choose unique keywords to put into your title tag. Build the description tag in your post to target people who would want to read the material you are posting. And make sure you keep it all consistent and related – having a hot keyword-laden title tag that isn’t closely related to what your content is talking about will only make your readers mad. And if you happen to be using WordPress to write your blog, having a plugin such as the All in One SEO Pack can definitely help with these elements.

Frequency of Blog Posting
This is pretty straightforward, but writing more posts means getting more content on the web, and more doorways into your blog. The more frequently you write posts, the more often the search engine spiders will crawl your blog. This means faster publication of your content into the search engine results. And as you continue to add unique content to your blog, chances continually increase that your posts will contain hot topics that are searched for. As you produce quality content, there’s always a chance you’ll hit a hot button that is searched for more often than average. These “hot button” posts will not only increase traffic to your blog, but will also get you a good chance to get some link love and have other sites link back to your blog. This will help your SEO beyond just basic title and description tags.

Finding Blog Topics
So you want to add a lot of quality posts to your blog to help your SEO in several ways – how do you find material to write about? There are a lot of different options here.

* Branch off from your main topic by combining it with other popular subjects in different ways. For example, if you have a blog about dog training, combine it with the latest Hollywood stars. Perhaps a post about what the actors known to have puppies or dogs do to train their dogs. There is no limit to different topics you can come up with for your blog in this way.

* Look into the latest hot trends. Using a tool like Google Trends can clue you into what people are currently interested in, relating to your market. Writing posts about the latest hot topics can sometimes get you immense traffic. Make sure to tie your SEO elements to take advantage of these topics if you choose this route.

* Check the news. Look at CNN, BBC, or your favorite news source. Find what the latest news is that you can tie to your blog, then write a post related to that. You can use the subject combination method as well as taking advantage of SEO keyword opportunities here.

* Look for guest bloggers. This is an option you can use to help get more content without worrying about writing all of it yourself. Just make sure you keep the content that’s written for your blog relevant and high quality – not all guest bloggers are perfect for your blog. But you just might find a few.

These are just a few of the ways you can come up with different topics and ways to create content for your blog. Find good unique keywords related to these and you can make posts that will jump traffic to your blog. But these aren’t the only things to think about when tweaking your blog for SEO.

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Keep Away From Cheap Tricks
There are a few SEO “tricks” that have been done in the past that worked to some extent, but some of these no longer function or may even have adverse effects on your blog. Be careful about using these.

* Optimizing content for keyword presence. Putting your main keywords more heavily into the content will not help your ranking very much at all. But what it will do is make your posts read more awkwardly. It won’t help you with the search engines much at all, but it will help to dissuade people from reading your blog more often. Don’t waste your time with this one.

* Reciprocal linking. This was one of the biggest SEO “tricks” for a long time. However, the search engine algorithms are good enough that they can track reciprocal links. These will not help much at all. Ideally, you want one-way links to point back to your blog and blog posts, so finding these is still a good way to go.

* Huge link counts from your blog. You want to provide visitors will all sorts of tools and quality links, right? It’s good to do that. However, having hundreds of links from your main page is bad in two ways. It can be more confusing for your visitors who won’t easily know the best areas to focus on in your blog. And it also affects SEO in a bad way – the more links you have pulling away from your pages (especially your home page), the less “link juice” you have going to all of your linked blog post pages. By reducing the total number of links to only links that are quality, relevant, and important, this helps increase your ranking potential for every page on your blog.

Do proper SEO with your blog and stay away from ineffective methods and your blog will get quality traffic more often. Above all, just remember who you’re writing your blog for, and keep consistent with quality posts! Eric Gesinski works for Tulsa Marketing Online doing Tulsa Web design and Tulsa SEO.

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  • There are a lot of cheap tricks people use to rank high in Google, but it will only be for a short time. In the end Google will catch up and your rankings will drop. White hat SEO is a strategic and continous proces. Because the online marketing world keeps groing, more and more companies are in need of SEO specialists.

    Great blogpost! Thanks for sharing!

  • People first, search engines second, as the experts say.

    I guess we should all remember that its easier to optimise some great human-focussed content for search engines, than it is to make some keyword-stuffed over-SEO’ed article readable for humans.

  • All the time,search engine algorithm changes and for that all the ranking face the fluctuation.
    So for this reason,all SEO person have to remember this all basic things to get back in field.

  • Writing content continually is the best tricks. Content is the king and the more content one have; the more traffic he will get……..great post.

  • It’s funny that you mention that optimizing your content for keyword relevance is a ‘cheap trick’ when Google has tools, tutorials and applications galore to do exactly that. Keyword “stuffing” is one thing, but “optimizing” is not a cheap trick.

    That is, unless you think Matt Cutts is now doling out cheap tricks?

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