Chitika adds MEGA-Unit to Premium ads

Chitika has announced a new, large contextual ad unit that they’ve chosen to name the MEGA-Unit.

At first glance it’s just another ad size (550×250 in fact) but what’s more extraordinary are the claims being made by some of the people using it.

Chitika reckons that, across the network as a whole, the unit’s click-through rate (CTR) is four times higher than other ad units.

Added to which, Chitika cites three real-world examples. [Read more…]

Chitika risks Twitter marketing noise for sake of a competition

Online advertising service Chitika is risking the wrath of the Twitter community by launching a competition that encourages its users to tweet the same daily message to its followers in order to gain credits for a new competition.

The upcoming SearchAppalooza competition will be held at the Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference in New York on 24th March, where five finalists will present their search applications to a board of judges including those from Microsoft and Yahoo! [Read more…]