Facebook Overtakes Google But It’s A Close, Interesting Race

Facebook Vs Google

Facebook Vs GoogleFacebook has officially become the number one online destination among American’s according to a report released this week by web analytics monitoring firm comScore.

According to the report, Facebook users spent 41.1 million minutes on Facebook in August, while Google logged 39.8 million minutes. Yahoo came in third place, with a still decent 37.7 million minutes spent on site.

Google on the other hand can rest relieved, knowing they passed the 1 billion global users mark in that same month, making them the most popular search destination in the world.

Breaking down “time spent on-site” numbers, Informationweek says:

“Americans spent about 9.9% of their online time visiting Facebook, comScore said, vs. 9.6% of time on Google’s sites, including Gmail, Google search and YouTube. Web surfers in the United States spent approximately 9.1% of their Internet time visiting Yahoo properties”

It should however be noted that their is room for a margin of error considering comScore monitors just 2 million worldwide users and each websites’ servers to reach their number, however comScore is typically a trusted source for such statistcs.

The Facebook uptick in time spent on site comes just a few months (July) after they passed Yahoo as the number 2 destination. [Read more…]

Blogger.com Dominates U.K. Blogosphere

A ComScore study shows that Google’s hosted blog servicer, Blogger.com, is dominating the blogosphere in the U.K. The study anticipates that there were 14,456,000 unique visitors to blogs in August, with Blogger.com getting 9,019,000 of them. That’s more than half of all blog readers in the U.K. WordPress is a distant second with 4,807,000, with Six Apart’s services at about half of that.

Another interesting note is that Engadget is the largest individual blog in the U.K.

Read the press release for more.

11.5 Billion Videos Watched Online in March

ComScore data reports that Google sites continue to hold a firm grasp on the online video space, accounting for 38% of all videos viewed (4.3 billion). Of that, 98% is straight from YouTube.

Nearly 139 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 83 videos per viewer in March.

Since so many of us do the majority of Web searching at work, have we gotten really good at minimizing windows when danger lurks, or are employers’ more understanding of the online video phenomenon? Which leads to the bigger question: Should text bloggers, who have no interest in stepping out into the video realm, be concerned that they are losing eyeballs?

Far behind Google is Fox Interactive Media, ranked second with 477 million videos (4.2 percent), Yahoo! Sites with 328 million (2.9 percent) and Viacom Digital with 249 million (2.2 percent).