Committee to Protect Bloggers: An Interview

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The Committee to Protect Bloggers is an important blog that focuses on bloggers in peril across the world. They broke the story on the Iranian blogger who died in prison some time ago, and they have been doing their very best to keep a watchful eye on the state of the blogosphere in parts of the world where blogging is actually dangerous.

That’s why it was such a shame when Curt Hopkins announced its closure, and such a good thing when Andrew Ford Lyons picked up the reins again. So let’s here what he has to say about Committee to Protect Bloggers and the future. [Read more…]

Committee To Protect Bloggers Closes

This is sad news indeed. Founder Curt Hopkins is closing Committee to Protect Bloggers, as a result of his need to focus on finding new work.

Rather than look either inept, or like we can’t be bothered to fulfill our function, we would rather close down the organization with the hopes, however slim at this time, that we can restart it when things are better for us.

The site will remain online for now. I guess it is moot to hope for someone stepping in with a big wad of cash to keep Committee to Protect Bloggers rolling. It fills a gap and is an important source about the situation for bloggers across the world.

Committee to Protect Bloggers In Trouble

Committee to Protect Bloggers is an important blog about fellow bloggers in distress. You might remember them reporting on the death of Omid Reza Mir Sayafi some time ago, a matter we’ve covered as well. Unfortunately, one of the three founders, Curt Hopkins, is forced to step away due to being unemployed.

As much concern as I have for people I don’t know, far and away my most important commitment is to my wife and our family. From now until after I am re-employed, I cannot spend a single second on anything but my search for employment.

This is bad news, since Committee to Protect Bloggers is an important source for bloggers in distress all over the world. If you think you can help Hopkins in any way, be sure to let him know. It is also a reminder of how vulnerable a lot of the information online is, with no publishing houses or big companies to fall back on when the people behind them get in trouble.