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Committee to Protect Bloggers In Trouble

Committee to Protect Bloggers In Trouble

Committee to Protect Bloggers is an important blog about fellow bloggers in distress. You might remember them reporting on the death of Omid Reza Mir Sayafi some time ago, a matter we’ve covered as well. Unfortunately, one of the three founders, Curt Hopkins, is forced to step away due to being unemployed.

As much concern as I have for people I don’t know, far and away my most important commitment is to my wife and our family. From now until after I am re-employed, I cannot spend a single second on anything but my search for employment.

This is bad news, since Committee to Protect Bloggers is an important source for bloggers in distress all over the world. If you think you can help Hopkins in any way, be sure to let him know. It is also a reminder of how vulnerable a lot of the information online is, with no publishing houses or big companies to fall back on when the people behind them get in trouble.

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  • Thanks for this, Thord. Very kind of you. If anyone hears of anything (marketing, marcom, socmed mkt, journalism), do let me know, especially if it can be worked remotely. I wouldn’t be averse to moving for the right job – even to *gasp* Europe. (Is that where they keep Spain? I love that guy.)

    Also, minor correction: Victor and James are people I brought on (Victor last year, James quite recently) to help out. I’m the sole founder, though I have had lots of help and support from great people from all over the world since I started it.

  • Curt makes good points. Also CPB isn’t acutally dead yet. Was about to be.

    The Committee to Protect Bloggers is entering what we hope is a brief period of reorganization and will relaunch the site to continue being the clearing house for information on threatened bloggers and much more.

    Curt’s work on the Committee website has been outstanding and he has started something great that gained a lot of support over the years, but sometimes life gets in there and forces difficult decisions. The vision, however, should endure. The goals, responsibilities and ambitions of this project will carry on, however, and we hope to introduce new campaigns to further highlight the importance that blogs bring to free speech movements, democracy and open, public discourse.

    Changes will be coming in the near future and this site will soon undergo a brief period of redevelopment and then relaunch.

    But what you should know for now is that the Committee is still very much alive.

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