WP Super Cache Gets Bumped to

Donncha O Caoimh has announced the release of WP Super Cache version This upgrade to the popular caching plugin (which really should be a part of WordPress core) brings a few bug fixes and some other things, where this should interest most users:

You can now choose to not cache different types of pages on your blog. Don’t want to cache your front page? That’s easy now. The indented page types are types covered by the top type. “Archives” covers “Tag” and “Category” pages for example.

That’s right, stop caching of the front page if you will. Apparently works like Conditional Tags, which sounds good.

Get it now if you need caching.

WordPress And WordPress MU Will Merge: Good Or Bad?


WordPress MU is the multi-user version of WordPress, which basically means that you can run several WordPress blogs within one WordPress MU installation. It is in many ways similar to WordPress, but adds this functionality along with some other small things that is needed for being your very own blog host. The most well known WordPress MU sites are WordPress.com and Edublogs.

And now, finally, WordPress MU and WordPress will merge. The MU lead developer Donncha O Caoimh said this on his blog:

Basically, the thin layer of code that allows WordPress MU to host multiple WordPress blogs will be merged into WordPress. I expect the WordPress MU project itself will come to an end because it won’t be needed any more (which saddens me), but on the other hand many more people will be working on that very same MU code which means more features and more bugfixes and faster too.

Is this good or bad? [Read more…]

WordPress MU 2.8 Not-Really-Beta

It is not just regular WordPress that is closing in on version 2.8, the multiuser variant, called WordPress MU, is being updated as well. Donncha O Caoimh announced the changes, so far just available from the trunk, but there nonetheless.

I merged WP 2.8 beta1 and I’m fixing bugs. Please install and try it out on a test server! The get_option() and related code is using the same code as WordPress.org which is one of the main reasons I went digging into the object cache. It leans a lot more on the cache than previously. Please test!

Remember, this is not a beta and is not intended for public use, but if you like to see things break then this is your thing. Just put it on a test server. WordPress MU is what powers sites like WordPress.com, among other things. It is for blog hosts (and networks) primarily, not for users.

WordPress MU 2.7.1 Is Finally Out

It has taken its sweet time, but WordPress MU version 2.7.1 finally sees the light of day. WordPress MU is the multi-user version of WordPress, the one that powers Edublogs, WordPress.com, and other hosted blog solutions that looks like WordPress but offers free hosting. Andrea on WPMU Tutorials’ got a nice overview of the release, and you should of course check out lead developer Donncha O Caoimh’s launch post.

Download WordPress MU 2.7.1 from here.

WordPress MU 2.6, Finally the Versions Makes Sense

WordPress MU is out in 2.6, finally syncing their version history with WordPress, who recently launched 2.6 as well. Donncha O Caoimh’s got the full story as usual, so if you’re even remotely interested in using the WordPress version that powers WordPress.com, his post is for you.

Download WordPress MU 2.6 here.