Facebook Navigation Bar Now Grabs Onto Top Of Page, Won’t Let Go

Facebook Navigation Bar

Facebook Navigation BarFacebook on Friday started floating the user navigation bar at the top of the social networks web pages, even as users scroll down the page.

Under the old system when the page was scrolled the navigation bar would disappear and only reappear when users scrolled back to the top of the site, requiring one extra step while checking for new messages and browsing updates.

Among the features users will now constantly see on the left side of the bar are friend requests, messages and notifications and the search bar, while the right side features the home and profile anchor options and the account settings selector.

Facebook isn’t the first social network to employ such output techniques, Twitter uses a floating design to keep their navigation bar ever present at the top of the screen. [Read more…]

Facebook Redesigns News Filter, Adds More Options

Facebook News Filter

Facebook LogoThe Facebook News Feed has been the topic of much discussion over the past year, so much so that Facebook won a patent for their feeds design and now they have begun rolling out a new way to filter that News.

In the past we had Top News and Most Recent stories, which as their names suggest would show top posts through the use of a Facebook algorithm, while Most Recent showed posts as they are posted in real time.

Now users visiting the “Most Recent” option will notice a drop-down menu that shows a bunch of new options including Pages, Links, Photos and Status Updates along with Games and several other choices.

Now, the Most Recent option has been turned into a drop-down menu that reveals a slew of options. You can now choose to see only stories related to Games, Status Updates, Photos, Links and Pages and you can filter further to only show stories based on a specific group you belong to.

Under the systems individual filters you can even choose if you want to see more or less stories from a specific user.

If you click on any option that options news will be shown, for example Games will show game related content, while Status Updates will show only status updates with no photos or extra finds, just straight test. [Read more…]