Facebook Gets Probed By Various Governmental Agencies, Official Investigations Could Follow

Facebook Privacy - Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Privacy - Mark ZuckerbergFacebook has been under fire by the U.S. Judiciary Committee for months over privacy concerns. While Facebook this week announced much easier to control privacy settings, it apparently was too little, too late for the U.S. Judiciary Committee who have now begun the steps to open a full probe into the companies activities.

Committee chair John Conyers sent a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg in which he stated:

“We would appreciate a detailed explanation of the information about Facebook users that your company has provided to third parties without the knowledge of the account holders — particularly in circumstances in which the users did not expressly opt for this kind of information sharing.”

The committee expects Facebook to provide a full history of prior privacy polices alongside current changes and how they are affecting how Facebook has change their policies.

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