Facebook Vending Machines Arrive On Company Campus

Facebook vending machine

Facebook OfficeWhen you’re attempting to launch an IPO that could value your company at more than $100 billion it’s important that you have all your finances in order and that includes even the smallest of items such as keyboards and mouse at tech firms, that’s why Facebook executives have begun employing computer accessory stocked vending machines to track inventory.

At one point executives at the company’s headquarters used a sign out sheet which allowed employees to sign out any computer accessories such as a mouse or keyboard that they required, however an insider says only about 5% of the company’s employees used the sheets and it was creating an accounting nightmare.

It wasn’t until an employee was walking through an airport and saw an Apple iPod vending machine that they came up with the idea to track components digitally with the machines. Employees must now swipe their name badges at machines located throughout the office in order to receive the computer components they need. [Read more…]