4 Must Have Reading Apps for News Junkies



Remember back when we used to read the morning paper over breakfast? Well, that practice is quickly dying out, as print publications are replaced with app subscriptions. Mobile reading apps can adjust on the fly to breaking news developments, giving users a constant stream of up-to-date information. While we want to get the latest scoop on world news, national events, and industry developments, it’s also easy for us to suffer from information overload. So mobile users have a need for apps that can filter the useful data from the rest of the noise. Take a look at these four reading apps that fit the bill for news addicts. [Read more…]

Six Awesome Google Reader Alternatives

Google Reader alternatives

Google Reader alternatives

Today is a sad day for millions of blog subscribers around the world. July 1, 2013 marks the passing of Google Reader, a beloved RSS reader that, while was not exquisitely designed, offered a consistently solid experience. Back in March, Google announced it would be shutting the service down over what it claimed to be declining usage.

This upset a lot of users, including yours truly, but all great things must come to an end. While many saw the shut down of Reader as a bad thing, it’s actually been one of the greatest things to happen to RSS readers since the invention of RSS itself. This has led the way to people discovering Google Reader alternatives, many of which are even better!

Here are six services to help with the transition, and get your reading back to normal… [Read more…]