Facebook Unveils New Gaming Features, Takes Aim At Google+ Game Platform

Facebook Gaming - New Features

Facebook Gaming - New Features

Facebook on Thursday announced a slew of new gaming features meant to trump the newly launched Google+ gaming platform.

Among the sites features is a new Game Ticker which turns the right-side of the Facebook Chat column into a newsfeed which shows your friends game activity as you play games on the platform. The column not only shows which games your friends are playing, it actually displays their gaming achievements and high scores, allowing for more competition and the discovery of new games for Facebook players.

The Game Ticker is also meant to add a social element which means clicking on the ticker will take you to the game your friends are playing so you can play along. Users can also choose to ignore certain story streams from gaming friends just like they can on their standard profile newsfeed.

Facebook also announced that gamers on their platform can now expand the gaming screen, adding some much needed and often requested real estate when playing action based games. The expanded screen also means Farmville fans will be able to watch more of their crops at one time without the need to constantly scroll around the gaming screen. [Read more…]