Google Buys Newspaper Ad That Attacks Newspaper Ads

Google Newspaper Ad Attacks Newspaper Ads

Google AdwordsWhile a full page ad in your local newspaper might grab the attention of a few readers it is ultimately a numbers game. By that I simply mean not everyone looking at that page will want or need a haircut. Realizing the tragic flaw in print advertising Google this week took out a newspaper ad meant to attack traditional newspaper advertising.

Published in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper the ad went after the paper and its fellow newspapers.

In the ad Google proclaims:

“You know who needs a haircut? People searching for a haircut,” and “Maybe that’s why ads on Google work.”

The ad was tweeted by reporter Steve Ladurantaye who provided the following caption:

“An ad for Google ads in today’s Globe demonstrates the value of print ads, yes?” [Read more…]