4 Tips for Advanced Guest Bloggers


As most of you already know, guest blogging is one of the coolest and most valuable ways of marketing your business and promoting your blog. But the thing about guest blogging is that it gets to be a much more effective promotional tool the better and better you get at it. Once you’ve been practicing guest blogging for awhile, you’ll be able to approach more highly-ranked blogs, in the PR-6 plus range. Getting published on such blogs will astronomically increase your own traffic and page ranking, so once you feel comfortable enough with your writing skills and niche expertise, it definitely pays to go for the big dogs. Here are a few tips for snagging a guest post spot on higher-quality blogs.

1. Always pitch a thoroughly-researched idea in your initial email. This is one of the most important parts of getting your foot in the door with a highly-ranked blog. This is so because a PR6 + blogger probably has no problems getting content up as some of the lower-ranked blogs do. As such, the blog you are aiming for doesn’t “need” you to drum up content, so you will have to prove your worth by doing tons of research and carefully delineating an idea that will appeal to the blog’s audience. [Read more…]