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4 Tips for Advanced Guest Bloggers

4 Tips for Advanced Guest Bloggers

As most of you already know, guest blogging is one of the coolest and most valuable ways of marketing your business and promoting your blog. But the thing about guest blogging is that it gets to be a much more effective promotional tool the better and better you get at it. Once you’ve been practicing guest blogging for awhile, you’ll be able to approach more highly-ranked blogs, in the PR-6 plus range. Getting published on such blogs will astronomically increase your own traffic and page ranking, so once you feel comfortable enough with your writing skills and niche expertise, it definitely pays to go for the big dogs. Here are a few tips for snagging a guest post spot on higher-quality blogs.

1. Always pitch a thoroughly-researched idea in your initial email. This is one of the most important parts of getting your foot in the door with a highly-ranked blog. This is so because a PR6 + blogger probably has no problems getting content up as some of the lower-ranked blogs do. As such, the blog you are aiming for doesn’t “need” you to drum up content, so you will have to prove your worth by doing tons of research and carefully delineating an idea that will appeal to the blog’s audience.

2. Don’t simply read a few blog posts for the blog you’re aiming for.
Know the blog like the back of your hand. As all guest bloggers know, it’s very important to be familiar with the blog for which you plan to write. At the same time, however, I feel as though many guest bloggers don’t take this process seriously enough. Don’t just glance through a few of the most recent blog posts. Do your research and become a regular reader for several months (especially if the blog is very well known). Read archived blog posts as well as the newer ones so that you can really get into the blogger’s and his readers’ heads.

3. Be aware of the blog’s editorial standards, but always aim for something a bit different.
While of course you want to write a guest post that is very specifically targeted to the blog audience’s tastes and interests, you should also remember that guest posts are a little different from regular blog posts. One reason that bloggers accept guests on their sites is because they want a fresh voices and new ideas. As such, you may want to think about bringing in a different approach to the same general topic or niche.

4. The more current your guest post idea is, the more likely it is that it will get a published on a top blog. This tip is the most invaluable bit of advice that I can offer for those guest bloggers who are looking to get published on better blogs. With more well-established blogs, you can be sure that the resident blogger(s) have been doing their thing for several years. As such, many of the ideas that you will initially think of will probably have already been covered, so it’s especially important to write a guest post that addresses an extremely current, hot trend. Also be sure that you know exactly what you are talking about when you write, because a more highly-ranked blog will most definitely be comprised of a much more demanding and attentive audience of industry insiders.
These are just a few ways to approach writing for A-list blogs. As always, be sure to thank the blogger, respond to reader comments, and practice general guest blogging etiquette as well. Good luck!

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Guest Bio: This guest contribution was submitted by Tara Miller, who regularly writes for psychology degree. She especially loves hearing back from her readers. Questions or comments can be sent to: [email protected].

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