Twitter’s Rival Drops Ad Bard, Chooses Google?


It looks like (which is developed by the same folks who created has decided to sever its relationship with AdBard in search for greener pastures and greater revenues.

Apparently the companies switch upset some of their users, as is currently (as of this post) using AdSense, although the company explains the reason behind the switch in an appeal to its users.

As mentioned before, we have been using AdBard on for almost 8 months. Although we support what AdBard is doing, we haven’t been getting the kind of ad rates that we expected. AdBard is covering about 5-7% of the hosting costs of running, with nothing left over to cover any percentage of the salaries of the people who support the site.

StatusNet, Inc — our business — is a small Open Source business focused primarily on a) selling software subscriptions to enterprise customers and b) providing premium upgrades to the cloud service. We continue to support single-handedly because we believe in the idea and in the community. It’s a great “home planet” for the federated network of social sites we’re trying to build. We love the site, we love the community, and the last thing we want to do is spoil the experience for people there. (Official Blog) [Read more…]