Facebook Partners With TripAdvisor For “Instant Personalization”

Trip Advisor Partners With Facebook

Trip Advisor Partners With FacebookTripAdvisor today revealed their newest partnership with Facebook, a setup that allows users to receive “Instant Personalization” when visiting the site with an active Facebook account. Using the new system TripAdvisor users can check out their friends’ travel experiences before planning their own trip.

Under the system, users who are already logged into Facebook can view friend’s reviews of various locations, while checking out places their friends visited during their travels. Users are also treated to a “most popular” destinations screen based on their friends cumulative travel information.

Facebook’s Tiffany Change Black explained on the official Facebook blog:

“For example, when you’re researching a location, hotel or restaurant, you’ll see friends’ reviews first, so you can make better vacation decisions” while adding “And if you need some inspiration, the new personalized TripAdvisor home page will now show a world map with all the places friends have said they’ve been using TripAdvisor’s Cities I’ve Visited app. Don’t just look through your friends’ vacation photos on Facebook; get tips from them and go on your own adventure.” [Read more…]