Janet Street-Porter Calls Stephen Fry Twat. Film at 11.

Janet Street-Porter

Janet Street-PorterJanet Street-Parker, Editor-at-Large for The Independent, has hit out at the popular microblogging platform Twitter calling every person using the 140-character platform Twat in the same breath. Street-Porter who hit the headlines earlier this year with her controversial statements about Ian Tomlinson’s death seemed on a mission, using the flawed ‘Teenagers don’t use Twitter’ survey, and included both Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah in her vendetta, trying to remind everyone of the mindlessness of the platform.

…all twittering really delivers is the ultimate in mini-munchie banality. Instead of real emotion, in-depth opinion, considered arguments about why the NHS works, or the many reasons for not eating veal, what we get is breathless trivia. It certainly says bugger-all about what really happens at home with the Browns – which is why, presumably, Sarah, a former PR, loves it.

Twitter works for the middle class, the middle-aged and for work-weary wannabe trendies because it lets them feel they’re part of a big happening club, when in fact all they are doing is exchanging mindlessness. [Read more…]

List Posts: Lazy Linkbait or Great Resource

Usually I’m no fan of these list posts. Granted, they take quite some time to put together, but they’re not really adding anything new to the conversation, other than links. That being said, a good list of interesting blogs, like the 100 blogs that will make you smarter post on OnlineUniversities.com, can really help you find some new daily reads.

What do you think about list posts? Is it just linkbait, or do they have a an actual right to exist in the ideal blogosphere? Share your thoughts in the comments.