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List Posts: Lazy Linkbait or Great Resource

List Posts: Lazy Linkbait or Great Resource

Usually I’m no fan of these list posts. Granted, they take quite some time to put together, but they’re not really adding anything new to the conversation, other than links. That being said, a good list of interesting blogs, like the 100 blogs that will make you smarter post on, can really help you find some new daily reads.

What do you think about list posts? Is it just linkbait, or do they have a an actual right to exist in the ideal blogosphere? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • For me it depends on two things:
    1. How serious it is. Lists can be very thorough or very shallow.
    2. How useful it is in a long run. Some lists only justify short look, some are good resource to bookmark and study.

  • List posts certainly have a place and a role that they fulfill. A number of the original weblogs would have been full of links.

    I recommend that within any single blog, however, that they should be used sparingly or else be damned useful, otherwise they start to slide down the continuum to lazy.

    Reminds me, I need to write a new list post soon. Maybe I’ll call it the top ten ways to screw up a list post.

  • long list with images (for case stydy) like Smashing Magazine and other design-related blogs is ok
    but longggg list with just text/link to other blogs is useless for me
    10-20 bullets per list is enough

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