Apple restricts press from live blogging shareholders meeting

In an age of blogging and tweeting, it’s hard to keep a secret.

Though Apple made it quite clear that its latest shareholders meeting was not to be live-blogged, it didn’t stop a couple of shareholders pushing out updates.

According to CNBC, Apple refused to allow journalists to carry in communications devices, thus making live reaction impossible. However, it did manage to run a live-blog of sorts based on the pings of “Cheddarmuff” and “idannyb”. [Read more…]

Is ‘Live Blogging’ Really Enjoyable?

Earlier today BH had an entry on CoverItLive, software that allows you to add more dimensions to live blogging, such as polls, videos, pictures, etc.

I understand that ‘live blogging’ is a growing phenomenon, but something about it leaves me flat.

Every blog I am visiting these days seems to say “Live Blogging the Obama Inauguration.”

Even though I consider myself pretty well versed in new media, I prefer to watch historic events the old fashioned way: on TV. Heck, I’ll even pick up a newspaper. I’m not suggesting that blogs don’t do a nice job covering these events. I think it’s a great way to fill in the gaps of major media coverage. It’s also a way to get some unique perspective from different ‘storytellers.’ However, when it comes to BIG events (new president, SuperBowl, etc.) I can’t see opting for live blogging coverage if other alternatives are available. I can see it being an option for things of a smaller scale (new iPhone release, press conferences, and so on).

Don’t hate me, I’m just being honest. And I ask the same from you. What are your thoughts on live blogging? If you know of a great archived example, include the link below for me to check out. I’d love to be ‘sold’ on the concept.

Do you pay attention to ‘live blogging’ events?

Washington Politico Shuts Down Live Blog

Live blogging during events has dramatically increased in popularity. Recently, at a Lakewood City council meeting, community members took issue when Councilman Walter Neary continued to clank away at his keyboard as they met.

Called out for ‘not paying attention,’ the congressman agreed to kill the live blogging and focus solely on the matters at hand. Which leads to the age-old question:

Is it possible to do two things at once and do them well?

I’ve often wondered if ‘live bloggers’ really enjoy the beats they cover. Whether it’s watching a concert or attending a conference, wouldn’t you be doing yourself (and your readers) a service if you just enjoyed the event, processed the information, and then shared? What if he was simply taking notes’ would anyone have called him out?

Let’s hear your thoughts…