Orange UK mobile customers get Twitter picture messaging


twitter-orange-mmsAfter the disappointment surrounding the withdrawal of many international Twitter SMS services due to exorbitant costs, it seems that UK mobile operators are helping them to bounce back.

Both Vodafone and O2 have offered SMS-to-Twitter services to their UK users in the past year, and now Orange is introducing MMS-to-Twitter.

MMS, or picture messaging as it’s colloquially called, will allow Orange users to send images directly to the Twitter service, via the newly-created Snapshot web site. [Read more…]

Blogger platform offers new mobile blogging options

Google has announced that several new features have been added to the Blogger Dashboard to make it easier to post blog entries from mobile devices.

At least for users in the US, the mobile service supports SMS, MMS and email posting from a registered mobile phone. It’s also possible to set up a new blog from the phone.

Of course, some advanced mobile phones (such as the iPhone) make it easy enough to add to Blogger using the standard web interface, but it’s useful to have alternative ways of getting content onto a blog while on the move, and even on smartphones, sending a text or email can be quicker and less fiddly than using the built-in web browser.

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