Yelp “Copies” Groupon, Starts Offering Local Deals

Yelp Daily Deal Program

Yelp Daily Deal ProgramYou may have noticed on the homepage of your Yelp mobile app that deals are popping up in certain markets, the move is an attempt by Yelp to copy the success of the popular Groupon program which offers local limited-time offers to users.

According to The Next Web the company is going to implement a “daily deal” featured and the functionality is being testing in certain markets with select users. According to Yelp’s Community Manager:

“We are testing it out for fun to see what kind of response it generates… Also, there will be another Deal coming out on Wednesday so look for it!”

Goods and services will both be offered with significant discounts, just like Groupon. The one advantage? Yelp has a much bigger user base than Groupon (recently valued at $1 billion). [Read more…]