Exploring Social Media: Time for a Web App Matching Service

person exploring social media and web app options

Exploring Social Media article series badgeLloyd Budd of A Fool’s Wisdom has asked a very important question in this economy and techno-world we currently live in:

Working on a small project with a friend is a great opportunity to check out tools in other parts of the web development stack. I’ve been interested in trying out some of the software project management services and software.

…Likely the best approach for this project would be to first identify our needs and wants and then work through the available web services to find the closest matches.

Like Lloyd, are you stymied as you look at all the available web services, especially in the fast growing open source market, that will meet your needs. [Read more…]

Brian Gardner Launches Revolution Two Open-Source WordPress Theme


brian-gardner-revolution-wordpress-themeProminent WordPress theme designer Brian Gardner has released a new open-source theme set called Revolution Two to essentially replace his highly popular Revolution WordPress theme. The new theme set includes 10 themes for free downloading.

The release comes two days earlier than previously anticipated, with Gardner saying in his most recent blog post announcing the launch of the new Revolution theme, “I figure I owed you all an early release.”

That, or he really just wanted to be able to nurse his post-Halloween sugar hangover on Friday night. :)

Starting November 1, the original Revolution theme will no longer be available for purchase (although existing Revolution buyers will still receive support “for life”), except for necessary updates for 12 months to maintain compatibility with WordPress. Instead, Gardner has opted to go the open-source route for monetization, with plans to sell premium support for the free Revolution Two themes on an annual ($99.95) or lifetime ($149.95) basis.

Follow the Revolution Two project on Twitter for project updates.

Have you ever used the Revolution theme for WordPress? What do you think of the new Revolution Two themes? Do you agree with Brian Gardner’s decision to make the Revolution Two themes open-source?

Movable Type Monday: Image Gallery, REST API, Pagination

Happy Monday, folks! I get the sense the Movable Type community is in full-on development mode right now. In the past week I’ve seen new developer documentation, proposals for MTOS, and work on a REST API. Not much has been released, though, so I think people still have their heads buried deep into code. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what everyone’s working, but for now there are a few interesting new things to discuss.

Image Gallery

Mike T. has a new Image Gallery plugin that allows you to add an image gallery to a blog post. Mike’s examples on his site look great, and the ability to build a gallery on the fly when you write your post seems handy. [Read more…]

Interview with Brian Gardner on the Revolution Theme Going Open Source

Brian Gardner

Brian Gardner has decided that the premium WordPress theme, Revolution, won’t be sold as of October 31, 2008. A new set of themes will be released instead, GPL’d and free to download. The move has been applauded by Matt Mullenweg, head honcho of the WordPress project. We covered this yesterday, but I figured it would be interesting to talk to Brian about it as well.

Moving the Revolution Theme to another level, with free GPL’d themes, is very interesting for sure. If I was a cynic I would be wondering if this is a move due to the competition in the premium themes market right now, and the fact that sales of the Revolution Theme might have panned out?

This is absolutely not true – in fact, sales have been as steady as ever. My theory is that the amount of people who were purchasing premium themes grew, so the market in general was increasing. There wasn’t a reduction in % split in the market for premium designers, it probably stayed the same, just more people buying them.

[Read more…]

Brian Gardner’s Revolution Theme Goes Open Source


Brian Gardner’s Revolution Theme is one of the more successful premium WordPress themes out there. While I have no idea how many licenses have been sold, the praise and amount of websites running it is testament enough.

No more, says Brian on his blog:

As of 12:00 midnight, Friday October 31st, the themes that are currently available at the Revolution theme site will no longer be available. Ever. This was a decision that I made in order to protect the integrity of the current themes and the conditions under which they were released.

I didn’t see that one coming, but it does makes sense. The whole idea with the premium themes model is that you’ll have a small number of sites running the same design, more or less, and not thousands of look-a-likes, as you might have should you just download a popular theme. Wanting to protect your users makes sense. But there is more. [Read more…]

Twhirl Adds Laconica Support, One of Many

The latest version (0.8.6) of Twhirl, the popular Adobe AIR based microblogging application, adds support for generic Laconica installations. While that’s probably something of a “the what now?” moment for most of us, laconi.ca could be very big. Basically, it is an open source microblogging server software solution, currently out in 0.5 if I’m not mistaken. With it, we could possibly see lots and lots of Twitter lookalikes, probably more niched though.

Twhirl is just the latest in several applications and services who has added Laconica support, but probably on of the biggest. Among the supporters are web apps HelloTxt and Ping.fm, Mac app Twitterific, as well as a bunch of scripts that developers can incorporate in their applications. An up to date list is available in the Laconica trac.

I’m following Laconica with interest myself, especially since Twitter submitted API stuff to it, giving it the credence needed to be taken seriously, perhaps. It’ll be interesting to see how this server app evolves, since it might be something that’ll stand head on with Google’s upcoming microblogging business solutions powered by Jaiku.

Reddit Goes Open Source

Good decision, if you ask me.

All reddit code is licensed under the Common Public Attribution License, which is basically the Mozilla license with a handful of changes. Specifically, the CPAL stipulates that when running reddit’s code publicly, any changes to the code must be made available publicly and the site must make clear that it is running reddit code.

Check out code.reddit.com for more, the blog post from which the above quote was taken, and the Reddit alien’s explanation to why they are doing this:

Firefox 3 is Out Now

Firefox 3 is out now, looking good and doing its thing. You can nab it here, and read about the world record attempt as well. No word on how that goes, by the way.

While you’re waiting for the new version to download, why not check out the history of Firefox 1.0 to 3.0 in screenshots, an article over at Lifehacker. I’ll link their power user guide as well, although it really isn’t full of news…

Comparing WordPress to Drupal

Both WordPress and Drupal have strong followers, and they rarely agree on what platform is more suitable for various projects. If you’re a user of one of these platforms, maybe you should eye the other? Check out the comparison over at Performancing for a great start.

I’ve just done minor work with Drupal, so I don’t know the system very well. I found it somewhat bulky though, not Joomla bulky, but still bulky compared to more focused solutions.

bbPress 0.9 Is Out, Integrates With WordPress 2.5

Good news for bbPress users, 0.9 is out and it features integration with WordPress 2.5. There are a bunch of news in this release as well, although most fixes and fine-tunings. Read more about that here, and nab the 0.9 version here.

That’s the good part. The bad part is that current bbPress users will have to go through a bit of extra work upgrading. I haven’t tried it on any of my installs yet, but it looks straight forward enough, if not as easy as I’d prefer. That’s the problem with using code that haven’t reached the critical 1.0 number yet, so who’s complaining?

Actually, I did whine a bit about bbPress recently, over at Devlounge. I think it still is pretty far from 1.0, check that post out if you’re interested in the forum sibling of WordPress.