PollDaddy Now Offering Rating Widgets

I logged into my PollDaddy account this morning and was pleasantly surprised when I found a new feature waiting for me: rating widgets.

The free tool is currently in early beta, but it gives blog owners the ability to add “rate this post” functionality with minimal work. The sweetest part is that you can use your own images, meaning that whatever widget you create, can match the look and feel of your site.

There are two widget options:

Star rating. Gives the reader a scale of 1-5 to rate your content. It will also display the number of votes received.

Nero rating. Gives just 2 options to the reader and would be used like a simple positive/negative scale. For example, thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

Just add a snippet of code to WordPress or your blog platform and you’re in business.

Read more on the Polldaddy blog.

Automattic Nabs PollDaddy, Releases WordPress Plugin


The latest item on Automattic’s shopping list is PollDaddy, the hosted poll solution that apparently have served 195 million votes over some 1 million polls to date. The two man operation have joined Automattic, and PollDaddy polls are now hosted in the new owner’s powerful datacenter. Good for the stability of the service.

Matt Mullenweg explains why Automattic acquired PollDaddy:

As we started to look at building out our own service for this, it became more obvious that, while on the surface it’s a very simple problem, there’s a lot of hidden complexity and opportunities for some really powerful features under the hood. There are probably a dozen companies addressing this space right now, but as we started to survey the space I was struck by how often I’d see this “PollDaddy” thing pop up.

PollDaddy is now a part of the WordPress.com service, detailed here, and also available in a plugin for hosted WordPress installs. That adds to the current support of embedding polls, something that won’t change. [Read more…]

Create Twitter Polls With PollDaddy

Made up of followers and leaders, the gates of Twitter-ville seem to be opening up for two-way communication. Thanks to the question-happy folks at PollDaddy, you can now ask people to take part in a poll via Twitter.

Just enter your question, the potential answers, a language and your Twitter login info and presto! – You never have to make another decision alone.

PollDaddy automatically shortens the URL and sends out a tweet under your Twitter name.

It’s a gorgeous day here in NYC: 60 degrees and sunny. So I need your help. What do I do?

Create your own Twitter polls here.